Saturday, July 28, 2012

Silly Saturday. Oh, and I'm the Kerri Strug of Infertility.

Here's to the weekend, my Uterine Princesses!

If you're visiting from ICLW, read this one.  It's an online slumber party gone mental.

I have been blogging a month today.  No idea what the hell I was doing with my life beforehand.

Everyone watch the opening ceremonies?

I was reading some 'best moments in olympic history' article yesterday and somehow ended up on You Tube watching Kerri Strug do her amazing vault.

Remember that little bit of awesomeness? Gymnastics seems to be the only thing I can kind of get into some years, and I was totally into it in 1996.  Long story short - but do watch the video and sob - that girl done fucked up her ankle on her first vault, went ahead and did the second one anyway, nailed it, and USA won the gold.

That funny little girl with her lesbian hair cut is enough to make my grinchy heart grow three times in size 16 years later.

I will be the Kerri Strug of infertility, damnit.  Sure there isn't the baited breath of millions watching me (unless we put all the people who have seen my vajajay in the last few months in one room).  And sure there's not going to be some mysteriously European man carrying me around for my victory lap should I succeed (unless it's my German husband).  And sure I have tried and failed miserably, but I'm going to get back on that horse, broken uterus and all, and Cesar Millan that pony's ass into submission.

Or my name isn't Stupid.

And now for a bit of random silly.

I swear I will get off my Billy Eichner kick, eventually.  But the man makes me pee.  Pee, I tell you!

Honestly, if sex wouldn't horrify both him and me, he would be at the tippity top of my do-him list.  Well, under Bill Murray.

So you there in a dark ovarian moment - watch thisssssss.

I die.

You have so little time to send me a secret!


  1. oh goodness. I actually just watched that youtube of Keri Strug recently...still gives me chills.
    that was my obsessed with gymnastics phase...the only sport I go out of my way to watch during the olympics.

    1. Yesss... Love it.

      If nothing else it makes me watch it hoping for some sort of future repeat of amazingness.

  2. Dear Kerri, You are hysterical! I mean, laugh out loud funny. Clutch my belly because it hurts. Make my husband ask -- what are you reading? I do a wicked Romanian accent and will happily slap your ass as your get back on the runway for the second vault! Call me Bela Karolyi. And I will carry your pregnant ass around for a victory lap when this is all said and done. Count on it.

    1. Umm, this may be the best thing that anyone has ever said to me ever.

      The fact that you can do a Romanian accent AND are down for an ass-slap TURNS THIS STORK ON.

  3. Mr. Bean stole the show.
    Also, since you provide a funny video then so shall return one to you: You have to go to the weird part of YouTube for gems like that. A word of warning though, it has boobs.


      When the guy came out on his skateboard I almost fell out of my chair.

  4. Josh and I just watched the video and we were crying we were laughing so hard. My favourite part is when he screams at the girls and they jump.

    1. Every time it gets me. Every time!

      The second he runs away from the woman with diabetes my bladder control is alllll down hill from there.

  5. That video is amazing, but I found myself a little more focused on the giant glasses her parents were wearing than the small olympian hero....

  6. Oh man, I almost peed my pants!! hehe

  7. Crying, laughing, peeing... I'm making a huge mess over here.