Saturday, July 7, 2012

Just some Silliness for your Saturday

Happy weekend, Chiquita bananas.

SO.  Yesterday on one of the blogs I am reading and falling in love with, there were just some silly pictures put up for a Friday that made me smile. Twas' lovely. And inspired me to just give you some random silliness.

Yesterday I had the indignity of getting yet another Hcg blood test to make sure all the Hcg from my chemical was gone.  Yes, medically necessary, but trying to distance myself from it so it feels a bit like beating a dead horse.  (One more bloodtest, and I'm going to be the lady in the waiting room muttering to myself and trying to bite my own face.... I may do this anyways just for shits & giggles).

So I needed some cheering up and I'm aware of some shitty weekends happening out there in the interwebs, so here's something that should make you peediddle.

I am in love with a gay man.

Yes I'm married, I don't know him, and sex would horrify both him and me, but I am in love with a gay man.

His name is Billy Eichner.  I would love to say that I discovered him years ago when he was just making you tube videos with a shitty camera, but no, I discovered him on Conan O'Brien watching this very clip I am about to show you.  Since then Bub and I have been watching his TV show, and it makes us die laughing (and we're not typically LOLers).

So watch this, grumpy and ungrumpy alike, I defy you not to wet yourself.

Oh and his show is on some coo-coo channel, but check your DVRs for "Funny Or Die's Billy on the Street".   You will peedidle.

So there, watch it.  Silliness recommended by me, Queen of Silly, for your weekend.

Oh, and if you missed it read this.  It's where I yell at you.  Yes, YOU.


  1. Damn blood tests!! You start to feel like a freaking pin cushion huh!?

    I don't really have too much to say today, but didn't want to lurk and run without commenting (therefore increasing the risk of getting yelled at and accused of being ugly).


    Lisa the Lurker.

    1. Yesss... YESSS! I have successfully intimidated you! I will yell again. However many times it takes. ;)

    2. And now that you are out of the shadows, I can see that you are FOXY.

    3. Awwwww shucks~ these pink and purple flanelette pj's really bring out my sexy best huh? ;)

    4. I dig a girl in pink & purple pj's. I'll take your pj's, and raise you some slipper socks and a headband. shit just got real sexy in here.

  2. "Giselle's in town, Giselle's in town!!" That was hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!

    1. I die. My favorite is "What a night for tiny arms!"

  3. LOL, once again! I had never heard of him! Thanks for sharing :-)
    Ugh, sorry about the blood test :-/ I hope you are done with those....until your next successful kick-ass cycle for your sticky BFP!!

    1. OMG he just brightens my day. Brightens. My. Day.

      Well it's official as of this morning - all Hcg out of my system. So we shall be kickass post-chemical buddies. Woot woot!