Friday, June 29, 2012

Sometimes babies SUCK.

If you met me under normal circumstances, I don't seem like a woman that would be baby-crazy.  This is in a lot of ways advantageous because people tend to ask less questions.

Let me say right up front, since we're getting to know each other here, that I desperately want a child. Been busting my ass - literally and figuratively, my ass and my lady parts - for 3 years to be in a family way.  There. That's established.  Now back to confessing.

I don't seem like a woman that would be baby-crazy.  In a lot of ways, babies drive me crazy.


  • When I go to Disneyland with my gay best friend (if you don't have one of these, I highly recommend looking into getting yourself one - throughout this he has been invaluable) I want to get on the rides as quickly as possible.  I avoid Fantasyland like the plague.  By noon, all parents look miserable.  The kid's look miserable. When I am hit in my achilles tendon for the 40th time by a very hostile looking parent driving a stroller like it's Nascar hour in the happiest place on Earth, I will think to myself "WHY do people have to bring children to my happy place?"

  • The constant posting of baby pictures on Facebook is mind numbing.  Sure, all babies are adorable.  (Okay, I said I was going to make this blog completely honest... Let's say 95% of them are adorable).  But there's no part of me that signs on to my computer thinking "Okay, it's 2 o'clock, and I've only seen pictures of your baby with food on it's face from breakfast.... But WHAT did it have for lunch?!?!"

  • I like kids on a case by case basis.  There, I said it.  Some of them are just boogers.  Yes, this is almost always because the parents are also boogers.  But when I'm waiting in the line at the grocery store, and a woman is talking on her phone while her child is running from line to line swatting strangers on the butt and screaming, no matter how desperate my ovaries are in that moment I don't say "what a delightful booger family".

  • I have seen fascinating, vibrant women become a part of this ever elusive motherhood club, and quickly appear as though they have had their souls removed.  They look exhausted and they are unable to talk about anything else other than breast milk and Dr. Oz.  Once fascinating women have become enslaved by a 10 pound ball of vomit and fecal matter.

  • Or worse - and if I've offended you thus far you have to at least agree with me on this one - they become SMUG.  Their life before their child had no meaning (and therefor, neither does yours).  They consistently insinuate (usually by accident, but still) that they are more of a woman than you are for having gotten pregnant and given birth.  Clearly you are not doing something right.  (And that's a whole other entry to itself.  When you've been TTC for as long as I have, there's nothing you can tell me about sex that I don't know.  I could win a sex-off with a porn star blindfolded and with my hands tied, and YES I've basically tried that.  Please.)

That all being said, the irony is that there's nothing I want more on this planet than to be miserable at Disneyland, taking my aggression out on people's ankles.  There's nothing I want more than to have my kid beating up strangers at a restaurant while I'm on the phone telling people what a great kid I have - I want to be boring. I want to have to struggle to talk about anything else. I want to be exhausted, covered in pee and vomit.

I have sworn a solemn oath that no matter what I'm not going to become smug, and I'm not going to start dispensing unasked for advice (and the most sacred part of that oath is to never utter the blasphemous phrase "just relax").  But basically, in short, all I want is to become a delightful booger family.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Blogs to read?

I posted this on the TWW website  (which I sincerely hope you're on if you're TTC - it can be very helpful) but I didn't get any bites.

I have a few blogs that I've creepily lurked on before I started this one, so I know to read those.  As for finding others - I looked at the blogs that those bloggers like to read, but everyone has so.  many.

So I know everyone loves all the blogs that they read, but my question is more for the "omg you would love this" blogs.  The blogs you find the most helpful, funny, strange, informative, etc. etc.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?  Gracias!


Hey there, mighty interwebs.

What better way to start a blog than to introduce yourself?  A little about me.

My name is Jenny, I'm 30 (eep) years old, I live in Los Angeles, CA.  Let's be friends.

I've been trying to get knocked up since I was in junior high school.


I've been trying to make my first human since the very end of 2009.

I am starting this blog to document that experience because I'm too cheap for therapy. And because often times, when I'm researching whatever next horrendous step is coming in my attempts to get pregnant, I've found the blogs I creepily lurk on to be helpful.  Because in real life I am surrounded equally by people who get pregnant by suggestively rubbing their significant other's thigh, and people who regard children much in the same way one would a giant dump being left in the middle of your bed (did I mention I live in Los Angeles?).  Because I'd like someplace to be completely honest, gross, a little mean, a little sad - all that shit we infertiles spend so much energy suppressing in real life.

 I'm a writer - but I've been avoiding starting a fertility blog, I guess because it's a little hard to stand up and say "I'm a member of this horrible club that friggin sucks and NOBODY wants to be in".  But now's the time to man up and show a little bravery, right?

I'm going to make this about my experience - I realize that that should go without saying, but when you're an honest person you can be an offensive person on occasion, and I'm going to try to be as honest as humanly possible in this blog.  I'm sort of the person who will make a terrible joke at a funeral because it's my way of coping, so it's best for someone like me to say that in the beginning - hey, this is just my experience, ya'll.  And I'll try to sprinkle in some posts that are just about meds, stuff I've tried, what happened to my body - because before I tried anything new I went blind looking at women's personal experiences online when they started whatever  brave form of masochism I was headed towards.

I'll save my infertility breakdown for a separate post - why have all the fun right now?

Presumably you have come across this blog because you are also trying to conceive, you are thinking about trying to conceive, or you are just bored and stumbled across me.  Stay!  Let's be war buddies.