My Homies

I imagine only a few of the creatures in my life will be mentioned in this blog, but when they are mentioned I will put a little introduction in here to assist keeping track.  All human names but my own have been changed to protect the horrified.

30 31 year old aspiring writer.  East coast transplant in Los Angeles. Silly.  Movie-addict.  Treasonous lady parts. Will more than likely hit on you at some point.

Man I somehow tricked into marrying me even without the aide of a pregnancy.  Gorgeous.  Computer nerd.  Musician.  Will eat anything after midnight - once I am asleep he becomes raccoon.

Corgi mix.  A gangsta rescue we've had since a few months before we got married.  She will lick your face, make you rub her belly and whisper sweet nothings in your ear.  Do not be fooled - if need be, she'd cut a bitch.

Insanely large puppy - an impulse rescue in March of 2012.  Loves the sound of her own voice.  Slipper eater and sock aficionado.  Enjoys standing like a statue and staring creepily.  Husky mixed with something - possibly chupacabra.  Put on this planet to drive me crazy.

Obese cat.  Rescued her as a tiny, runt kitten a few days after we moved here in 2005.  She is now a tiny runt head atop a bowling ball body. Very judgmental.  Loves on you when she is full which is never.  Owns and dominates the aforementioned dogs.  Also loves the sound of her own voice.  One facial expression:  You have disappointed me for the last time.

Mr. T:
Best friend.  Tremendously loving and giving.  Also a rancid, catty bitch. Actor. He & his husband live only a few miles away from me.  Both of our husbands are workaholics at 9 to whenever jobs (suckers) and since our hours are open we like to play real housewives of Los Angeles.

Best friend.  Producer.  Fashionista.  Bad-ass type A.  All these things are a front for the crazily creative gypsy woman underneath.  I've been trying to talk her into going bisexual for years.  No go.

 Sister-in-law.  16 years old and still one of my best friends. Wildly talented aspiring photographer.  Absolutely hilarious.  Beatles nut.  General badass.


  1. Is this Pheobe? She's wearing the same expression...

    1. AHAHAA!

      That DOES look like a bigger dustier version of her!

      Oh Phoebs..

  2. Hi from ICLW! LOVE the description of Luna, especially the chupacabra part. :)

    Off to nose around some more!