Sunday, October 21, 2012

Video Prompts

Good morrow, to those for whose ute I root.

Tomorrow is video day.  Put on your brave panties.

I am doing mine Monday morning, so in fact some of yours will probably be up before mine - which is good because this will be my newest post for awhile.

I mother effing love that we got so many questions ( I was afraid we'd have... 2).  Since we have so many - feel free to answer all, some, skip around, do them backwards - Stork isn't strict.  I, for one, am going to answer every last one.  

(Also - there is a question for I'm pretty sure all participating nationalities under specific bloggers.  Show us your weird accent.)

And now, the questions to answer.

All Bloggers:

1.  Describe the setting in which you lost your virginity.

2. What is the worst thing a fertile has said to you without thinking?

3. The cast of the three amigos - Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, Martin Short. You have to marry one, kill one, and screw one. Go.

4.  Where are you located?

5.  Describe your IF journey thus far in 10 words or less.

6. Leaving out weddings and births - what was one of the best, proudest, or most exhilarating moments of your life?

7. What has been the best part of your IF journey and why?

8.  How do you cope with everyday life while cycling?

9. if you could have any one be the father of your child(ren), aside from your current choice, who would it be and why? (I must interject here - don't cheat on this.  We all know you love your current partner).

10.  what is the best advice someone gave you in regard to IF and treatment?

11. Where is the strangest place you and your husband/partner got it on during your "fertile window" simply because you had no other choice?

12.  Give a quick little tour of the room you are currently sitting in. 

13.  what is your number one bad habit?

14. what prompted you to blog about your IF journey?

15. Outside of the blogging community, do you openly share your IF story?

16.  What is the phrase/comment that people say when they find out about your IF that completely annoys/upsets/bugs you? Do you correct them on proper etiquette?

17.  How do you like to relax?

18.  What are your current Tv show obsessions?

19.  If you had to choose between never having an orgasm again, or never being able to hear another note of music, a song, singing, or anything involving a musical instrument or melody, which choice would you pick?

20. Sing (or say, if you're chicken to sing!) one line or verse from the song you first-danced to at your wedding--don't tell us what it is. It will be fun to guess. If you're not married, or didn't do a first dance, sing a song that reminds you of your partner. If you're single, sing any verse from any song you'd like, loud and proud!

21.   What do you do for fun, or in your spare time?

22. If you were to take the myers brigs test ...what personality would you be?

23. What is you favorite thing to drink? (let's think alcohol ladies)?

24. If you were at Hogwarts circa The Half Blood prince, when Snape explained that spells go in and out of fashion... what spell would you make up, and what would it do?

25. out of all the most awesome songs that contain a female's name in the title... which is your favourite?

26. If you could travel to anywhere in the world for a month long holiday now where would you go and why?

27. What was the very first physical thing you noticed/were attracted to in your husband/ partner?

28. Which quality in your husband/partner do you now find most attractive, years into your relationship?

29. If you were a pickle in a pickle jar...where in the jar would you want to be and why?

30. What is your dream profession and is it your current job?

31. Are you now - who you thought you'd grow up to be? (presuming you've stopped growing which is a silly thing)

32. Piercings or tattoos you're willing to show us?

33. If you could take a peek at what your life will be like 5 years into the future would you?

34. What do you know now that you wish you knew before you started TTC?

35. What is your occupation and do you love it or hate it?

36. Do you have an weird "talents"? Crossing eyes? Being able to recite the alphabet backwards...etc.

Specific Bloggers:

American ladies - please say "cut in half", "cereal bowl", and "Cinnamon Grahams"

Australian ladies - please say: castle, lieutenant, data, pasta, aluminum. 

British ladies - please say: glacier, advertisement, lieutenant, pedophile, schedule, jaguar, weekend.

Canadian ladies - please say:  house, pout, chocolate, oranges, sorry.

Amanda - Where do you get the inspiration for your art and what's your usual paint medium?

Stupid stork - exactly how does one do the macarena.  (Oh my).

Sunny - try to wiggle your ears.

Stork chaser - can you stick out your tongue and touch your nose with it?

Janet - please say "I caught a trout while out and about." And tell us the last 4 letters of the alphabet.

And lastly, the list of loverly participants:
Aspgriswold at Growing Griswolds
Jenny at Sprout
LeslieGail at My Hormonacoaster
Hapa Hopes at Hapa Hopes
Bridget at Iydkmigthtky
Kristin at Return to Go
Arwen Rose at MRKH Musings
Kitty Belle at The Hopeful Journey
Stork Chaser at Dog Mom Chasing the Stork
SM at Unexplained Rantings   (password: magical toes)
Belle at Scrambled Eggs
Sharon at Ova Achiever

Go!  Watch!  Gawk!

And for G-ds sake start taping.


  1. I am so excited I may wee my knickers. Gaaahhhhh. And breath. Tomorrow is going to be my favorite Monday in a long time.

  2. Sweet Mother of Pearl....its actually here...oh crap.

  3. I just want to forwarn you my post will be late tomorrow....I'm not avoiding, this is just my marathon weekend of work and would really like to be coherent when I do this...I'm excited for everyone else, but terrifed of my own video...yeah I'm that insecure....I hope to have my post up by 8 PM CST tomorrow....If not I fully expect to be disciplined as you wish....

  4. I just recorded mine, face n all! hahahaha!! Twill be up early doors tomorrow :)

  5. Hi from ICLW. Oh hell you know I follow you by now. Looking forward to the vid you'll be posting. I'm still not brave enough to do one myself.

  6. HAHA I totally didn't do this but I bet it was fabulous. I'm not normally a shy person, but because I have a public blog wasn't quite ready to tell my parents the strangest place DH and I did it on our fertile week lol. Maybe next time I can password protect a post!