Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Boobies. Butts. Communists.

Hope your Wednesdays are going fabulously, my sweet, sweet delectable treats, and I hope my very grown-up title has drawn you in.

Today is question day.

This Monday, the 22nd, some of us are going to put up a video of ourselves.  (I'm gonna list the participants - if you're just now realizing this is happening or are having a braver Wednesday than you anticipated, by all means let me know in the comment section and I'll add you.. Some of you also seemed unsure so I haven't added you yet - lemme know!).

We need questions for us to answer in these videos - so please, participating or not, leave a question in the comment section of this post.

Nothing is off limits.  Fertility related or not at all.  These can be incredibly thoughtful or just something dumb that you're thinking of right now.  You can ask one question or ten.  The point is to ask a question.

You can ask questions for everyone, AND/or you can ask questions of a specific blogger if there's someone on the list you always wanted to ask something of.  Now's your chance.  You can even ask us to say specific words (I know some of you want to be dirty talked, you naughty little birds).

If you're participating, I'll put a link up on Sunday back to this post so all the questions for you to answer are in one place and on Monday I'll put up my video and repeat the links to participants.

The list of awesomely brave participants:

Stupid Stork at Stupid Stork
Lisa at (Still) Trying to Conceive
K at Our Growing Gardunn (I'm holding you to your beer-laced acceptance)
Cat at Already in my heart
EmHart at Follow Every Rainbow
Aspgriswold at Growing Griswolds
Jenny at Sprout
LeslieGail at My Hormonacoaster
B at A Work in Progress
Hapa Hopes at Hapa Hopes
Bridget at Iydkmigthtky
Kristin at Return to Go
Jenn at The Future Fords
Arwen Rose at MRKH Musings
Kitty Belle at The Hopeful Journey
Slese1014 at Mommyhood after Fertility Frustration
Stork Chaser at Dog Mom Chasing the Stork
Janet at Just A Little Off Kilter
SM at Unexplained Rantings
Sunny at Cease And Decyst
Belle at Scrambled Eggs
Sharon at Ova Achiever

So I am going to ask my questions in the comment section as well (and for this entry only won't be responding to comments so it's easier for people to read for their video) and make it my personal project the next couple of days to figure out individual questions for each blogger.

And now, a picture of a pug going down a slide.

And now, some unrelated bloggy news.

Jessica is one of my oldest in-real-life friends.  Many a moon ago, we went to the same High School.  She was two years ahead of me, somehow thought I was too cool for her, and worked up the bravery to sit down next to me and start blabbering.  She is funny. She is out of her freaking mind.  She resembles a cartoon mouse.  And now, she has started a blog.  I pimp her happily because knowing her is like having a never-ending acid trip where the cartoon mice are singing to you. Could not be a bigger fan.

On a more somber note, this is KelBel, who is as sweet as sweet can be, at Tales from Our Yellow Brick Road.  She lost her pregnancy this week.  Please go and send some strong, loving vibes.

This is Jenn, she of the brilliant writing prompts, at The Future Fords.  She's having a rough day.  Do a jig in her general direction.

Alright - leave a question!  Leave a question!  Leave a question!


  1. Everyone -

    1. Describe the setting in which you lost your virginity.

    2. What is the worst thing a fertile has said to you without thinking.

    3. The cast of the three amigos - Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, Martin Short. You have to marry one, kill one, and screw one. Go.

  2. I'm most curious about learning where people live...particularly so I can find fellow IF bloggers in my neck of the woods so we can meet up IRL like other bloggers have done who are way too far away from me, like EmHart and her bloggy buddies. :)

  3. Oh crap, I immediately scanned your post to see if you did indeed add me to this! Ahhhh. Okay My question....describe your IF journey thus ten words or less. Ready.....GO!

  4. No questions for you but lots of thank yous!! Thanks for making me laugh with the title of your post and thanks for means alot to me. :)

  5. Ok, this one is for all of you, other than your wedding day or child's birth (if you are lucky enough to have one), what was one of the best, proudest, or most exhilarating moments of your life? I will answer this one too.

    I also want to ask Amanda at Growing Grizwolds about where she gets inspiration for her art from and what her usual paint medium is.

    Ooh, ooh, and I want some of you US girls to say, "cut in half", "cereal bowl" and "Cinnamon Grahams" just because these words (in an American accent) make Kitt and I laugh. I am happy to return the favor and say anything anyone wants in my English accent, anything at all.

    1. This is hysterical! I must add these words in my post!

    2. Emhart whereabouts in the UK are you? I'm a fellow Brit too, but I always disappoint people with my "accent" because I'm from the east midlands and literally have no accent!

    3. I an American accent different than a Canadian accent?

    4. Please don't hate me for this, but I can't tell a huge difference-sorry!, My husbands aunt is canadian, and she always ends each sentence with what sounds like eh or ey?! It really tickles me, is that a canadian thing?

    5. Kitty Belle - I am from Birmingham but don't have a brummie accent, more received pronunciation.

      Janet - I can usually tell the difference between American and Canadian, but only just, and I had accent training so I know what I am looking out for.

    6. Yes! Americans always say "expiriment" instead of "experiment"... that's how I can tell. The whole pronouncing e like i. Otherwise, American, Canadian, all the same. :)

  6. I have a few questions to all or no one....

    1. what has been the best part of your IF journey and why?

    2. how do you cope with every day life while cycling?

    3. if you could have any one be the father of your child(ren), aside from your current choice, who would it be and why?

    4. what is the best advice someone gave you in regard to IF and treatment?

  7. Thanks for the shout out lady. Means so much!
    Now questions...

    1. Where is the strangest place you and your husband/partner got it on during your "fertile window" simply because you had no other choice?

    2. Give a quick little tour of the room you are currently sitting in.

    I'll be back with more questions and specific ones for specific bloggers.

  8. I'm still hoping my voice will be right as rain by then because I plan on doing something goofy with my video. So I'm still a maybe for now.

    Ps. My name is Bridget so you can write Bridget at Iydkmightky. :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Hmm,ok. These are pretty lame!

    1, what is your number one bad habbit?
    2, funniest IF related moment/memory

    So have to think about this more!

  10. I'm feeling kind of brave at the moment...may I please join in as well?

  11. I love, love that picture! It's made my crappy afternoon much better indeed :)

  12. My question is: what prompted you to blog about your IF journey?

    Also I have an Aussie accent so any words anyone wants to hear I am more than happy to do it. (Except throw a shrimp on the barbie

  13. Outside of the blogging community, do you openly share your IF story?

    What is the phrase/comment that people say when they find out about your IF that completely annoys/upsets/bugs you? Do you correct them or proper etiquette?

  14. Okay I'm feeling brave! I'll do it! But I'm going password protect the post and you'll get a lovely view of my toes.

    Are you going to be reposting all of the questions? If I don't have a list in front of me on the computer Ill probably forget them.

    1. Excellent idea! On Sunday I'll put up the list of participants/questions.

      Make sure you share the password with us! I never miss an opportunity with toes.

    2. Okay password will be "magical toes" :)

      Questions. . .

      1) How do you like to relax?

      2) What are your current Tv show obsessions?

  15. Hmm...thinking...thinking...

    I will get back to you with my questions.

  16. Okay, okay. You got me. I'm outing myself once and for all. Get ready, interwebs!!! Please add me to the list for Monday.

    1. If you had to choose between never having an orgasm again, or never being able to hear another note of music, a song, singing, or anything involving a musical instrument or melody, which choice would you pick?

    2. Sing (or say, if you're chicken to sing!) one line or verse from the song you first-danced to at your wedding--don't tell us what it is. It will be fun to guess. If you're not married, or didn't do a first dance, sing a song that reminds you of your partner. If you're single, sing any verse from any song you'd like, loud and proud!

    1. Good questions Sunny! I'm really looking forward to putting your face/voice with the rest of you.

  17. Okay I think I'm going to make non-infertility ?????'s

    1. What do you do for fun, or in your spare time?

    2. If you were to take the myers brigs test ...what personality would you be?

    3. What is you favorite thing to drink? (let's think alcohol ladies)?

  18. okay I have two random questions. hey can I do them Jeopardy-style? No? okay. Here they are:

    1. If you were at Hogwarts circa The Half Blood prince, when Snape explained that spells go in and out of fashion... what spell would you make up, and what would it do?

    2. out of all the most awesome songs that contain a female's name in the title... which is your favourite?

    Also I'm not actually doing the video thing because I haven't worked out how to yet. Also because I'm Australian and you will probably be expecting Liam Hennsworth or Nicole Kidman to pop up on screen. And they can't make it. They're very busy you know.

  19. Another British girly here although I too have a Received Pronunciation (aka the Queen’s English) accent :) I am from the West Country so I might put on a hilarious Bristolian one to see if you can tell the difference!
    Here are my questions:
    1.If you could travel to anywhere in the world for a month long holiday now where would you go and why?
    2.What was the very first physical thing you noticed/were attracted to in your husband/ partner?
    3.And which quality in your husband/partner do you now find most attractive, years into your relationship?

  20. If you were a pickle in a pickle jar...where in the jar would you want to be and why?

    What is your dream profession and is it your current job?

  21. Stupid Stork: Exactly how does one do the Macarena? Yes, I'm going to make you dance!

    Sunny: Try to wiggle your ears.

    Stork Chaser: Can you stick out your tongue and touch your nose with it?

  22. Who you callin' a mouse? Oh me? Ok, that's alright then. Since I'll be traveling, I won't do a video BUT... here's a question: Are you now - who you thought you'd grow up to be? (presuming you've stopped growing which is a silly thing)

  23. 1. Piercings or tattoos you're willing to show us?

    2. If you could take a peek at what your life will be like 5 years into the future would you?

    3. Janet: Please say "I caught a trout while out and about." And tell us the last 4 letters of the alphabet.

  24. Okay I have my questions:
    1. What do you know now that you wish you knew before you started TTC?
    2. What is your occupation and do you love it or hate it?
    3. Do you have an weird "talents"? Crossing eyes? Being able to recite the alphabet backwards...etc.

  25. Eeeek!!! I'm soooo excited and here are mine:

    1 How often do you clean your belly button?
    2 Which season is your favorite?
    3 What are the highest and lowest temps you get in your town?

    Stupid Stork - I would love to see your best dance move
    Jenn - please show me the running man!!