Saturday, October 6, 2012


Happy Saturday, my empty-wombed witches!

My video is still up after 24 hours.

You know, I'm thinking of maybe putting up a video in here every once in awhile.  I don't particularly want to share my social security number and credit card information, but I'm trying to think of what the downside to being 'identified' on here is... because everything I can come up with is silly.

Like some horrid ex-boyfriend or evil twat from high school is going to look up infertility blogs and come across mine.... then what happens?  They'd bring it up?  They'd stick around?  They'd send it to everyone on their mailing list to share?  What exactly would that mean other than they have a creepy obsession with my uterus?

I dunno.  Bug-eyes is uncomfortable in photos and videos, admittedly.  But it drives me bonkers that every other knocked up celebrity has twins and yet there are around three I can think of that have openly talked about having fertility issues.  I think they're chicken and wasting a perfectly good opportunity - and they're famous, so everyone would know about it.  So maybe it's time to put my money where my mouth is.

I dunno.  I'm thinking maybe inspired by the lovely Jenn, we should start doing some weekly/monthly video entry or something.  (And I get that some have genuinely horrid ex-boyfriends/husbands or weird employment situations, so I'm thinking video or voice - like EmHart did over here).  Thoughts? I just think maybe I want to be a crazy asshole that comes out of the infertility closet.

In other news I really should be picking stuff up right now as Kali is coming over to watch movies with me and my sad jaw.  Instead, I'm writing here and wondering if there is a realistic way to talk her into watching a horror movie, and if there's any way I can watch them in October without wanting to go out and buy kit-kats.  Too bad most are so famous in title - some of the preview mash-ups make them look so innocent.

And now to keep up with my writing prompts....

What is your favorite book?
No.  I object.  Too many.  There is no winner.

I've read the Harry Potter books 8 million times.  That woman's writing is flawless.

This summer I just read "The Perks of being a Wallflower" and loved it.  It's now a movie which I must see soon.  A particularly good read if you went to High School in the 90s, and were a bit weird.

My easy-read comfort book is "Like Water for Chocolate".  Romance and recipe installments, totally fantastical and fairy-talesque, set in old Mexico.  I've read it 10,000 times.  Seriously - read if you haven't.

What is your current favorite band?
I am normally shit on 'current'.  Although my puppy gets excited when I do my interpretation for her of Rihanna's "S&M".

I am, however, currently having a love affair with Otis Redding.  On my favorite-for-cleaning Pandora station (just type in "harry belafonte" and poof - 20 minutes later your house is cleaned) the Otis Redding version of "stand by me" came up, which I had never heard, and have since been smitten.

Lately it has inexplicably been a lot of Otis Redding, Harry Belafonte, James Brown...So this fall I have the musical tastes of a charming 60 year old black man.  How's that for current?


  1. Ooh, note to self: must read Like Water for Chocolate and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Thanks for the book recommendations! I love the HP books too. And I must say, Madonna is my favorite musical artist. I know she's not techinically a "band," but she is still my favorite. I'm about to attend her concert in less than a month and couldn't be more excited!

    1. Oh man - I would looooooooove to see one of her concerts. I dunno if you were reading my blog awhile back when I posted this but you must watch this -

      Read them! They're both easy reads... Like water for chocolate especially I could curl up and live in.

  2. books...yep, with you there...too many, but I do love me some Harry....

    And as for music...the band I loved when I was 8 is still current, so I list them....otherwise I've become rather addicted to Laurie Berkner, a children's artist because she makes my daughter happy....for now anyway!

    October...the month for scary movies, I prefer reese's but you're right there's something about movies and kit kats....My hubs won't watch them with me any more, and I'm really too chicken to watch them by myself....

    I love the idea of you becoming the face and voice of infertility and bringing awareness to're just the type of person to make it happen! As for being searched, the only reason I try to hide my identity is because of the sensitive topics relating to my friends and family which might offend said friends and family. As far as IF goes....yeah I advertise the shit out of my IF status.

    1. Maaaaan I wish you lived closer. Chocolate & horror movie slumber party!

      Yeah I'm thinking you know, there are some things I'm sure I could say about family in particular that might be a bit weird for them to read.. But nothing (so far anyway) too-too bad. I'm a thinkin' about it...

  3. Do it! I would totally be up for more video posts. My fingers could use a break from all the typing anyway.

    Come out of the closet lady!

    1. Let's dooooooo it. Done & done.

    2. So, have you come up with another video blog idea? I'm just dying to get in front of the camera again ;)

    3. Hmmm.. I'm thinking maybe some sort of marriage-husband-relationship kind of questionnaire?

  4. Hummmm, I think I might be able to get on board with a monthly vlog, maybe on a theme. Talk about x y or z. I might even put my own face on at some point rather than a hairy hound.

    The main reason I stay semi anonymous online is that I don't want people using my image, I hate the idea of a photo of me popping up somewhere I have no control of, if I could lock my photos into the blog I would gladly share my face with you all, maybe I will do a 'for a day only' face reveal.

    I am not so sure why I keep the pseudonym though, as I tell most real life people who I trust about the blog anyway. Now that I am Em to everyone here I can't imagine changing to my real name, but maybe I should think about it. I am all for getting the message out there.

    What I am not ready to do is share my infertility with the facebook massive. The reason for this is not because I am ashamed, the reason I would not come out and say, 'we are infertile and are undergoing treatments' is because after only trying a year and a bit of trying I think there would be a slew of 'well, my friend tried for eighteen months before falling pregnant, one year is nothing'. I don't feel my infertility would be taken seriously by many people and so I would not share it.

    1. Oh G-d no. No facebook! My thinking is in that particular venue - totally unnecessary. It's like those people that advertise arguments they're having with their spouses on facebook (which I admittedly love reading because I'm a sick, sick individual). I mean really? We all need to know this?

      But if they found it on their own by way of stumbling across an infertility website... Then they found it out, let them decide whether they want to talk to me about it or not.. I'm fairly blunt & I dunno if I would (how would that conversation go?)

      Agreed - I'm a little weird about keeping permanent pictures of me up on here, if only for the irrational fear that someone will put me on a 'check out this freak' forum of some sort or draw penises on my face.

  5. I know the words by heart to Stand By Me. I'll have to check out those books or at least at them to my goodreads list.

    1. Me too! I was only really familiar with the Sam Cooke/John Lennon versions, though.. Which is weird because I like Otis Redding & had never heard his version before.

      Read em! Easy, great reads - you can devour them in a couple of nights.

  6. Loved the movie and the book..totally resonated with the story(perks of being a wallflower) BTW the Shining is just about the best movie ever!!! Love the bands too...on a weird note our neighbor down way died and his family was giving away his vinyl. Love now I have every Harry Belafonte album ever made!! Love video posting...I'm trying to get up the courage to get in front of my computer and do it!!!

  7. I don't have the balls or techno know how to post a video blog but I can sure enjoy yours. I applaud your courage!