Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pure Golden Books

Super Saturday, my little chinchillas!

So my Friday was full of visiting the ill and having an evening of sexcapades (separate events, respectfully).

I settled on Mr. T's "get well" presents yesterday morning at the enchanting local drug store.  I proudly checked out with a $4 tiara with matching earrings, a Hannah Montana balloon, glitter tattoos, what can only be described as a stuffed & squeaking lump, a muscle man magazine and a card wishing Mr. T the happiest of Jewish new years (he is not Jewish).  Who says you can't get quality gifts at CVS?

I've heeaaaard that some people send flowers, as evidenced by the parade of flower deliveries to his home yesterday. The nerve.

And now, to play catch up on my picture challenge.

Iiiiii have an extensive collection of  very worn looking books.  As Arwen Rose pointed out over here, book nerds fall into the category of 'preservers' or 'crackers' as she puts it - people who are hell bent on keeping their books in tip top shape, and people who like their books to look a little abused.  And as I said to her, I fall into the latter category - all my books look as though they had a heavy night of drinking, got in a bar fight, and thought it a brilliant idea to clean up in the washing machine after.

I got my love of books from my Mom.

Two things to know about her:

  1. She is a now retired reading specialist/teacher.  I grew up reading for fun.  
  2. Though she has a dry sense of humor and never encouraged me to be softer or quieter because I am a girl, she is a saint.  I heard her curse once and it was possibly the greatest moment of my life.
I tell you number 2 because it relates to her, books, and my hunt for the thing to take a picture of in regards to the "pure" prompt.

One of her shining, and few, unlady like moments took place when I was in the 8th grade.  Our english teacher gave us permission to read whatever we wanted and write a report on it.  I read "Like Water for Chocolate" (if you haven't read it.. soooo good, one of my all time favorites).  When I turned in my report, she said I had to do another book altogether because, in short, she found that book to be pornographic.  My otherwise saintly and quiet mother marched into school and had a confrontation with her.  My Mom called bullshit - the alleged 'sex' scenes in this book are really all in metaphors and far from racy.  She was right - turns out the teacher had only seen the movie (which, by the way, if you're looking for a good porn and rent this movie, you're going to be sorely, sorely disappointed).

The thing I'm looking for in regards to "pure".  A few years ago I was going through some of the books my Mom has that she was going to get rid of for lack of room (which is saying a lot) and I found a book of poetry that I took for myself.  Imagine my surprise when I got home earlier, and it turned out to be a book that my saintly, book-loving Mom had apparently stolen from a library in the 60s. I am, delighted.  And for the life of me now I can't find it to take a picture of (did she at some point hide the evidence?)

But alas, I will not be showing you my book collection today as I am about to engage in a tornado of cleaning and my bookshelves have enough hair on them to make several large wild animals from scratch.  

Instead, I show you things from Mr. T's house.

On the subject of Golden (although I guess the more appropriate description would be 'orange') during a break between an old lifetime movie where Tiffani Amber Thiessen is of course raped, and a horror movie, we read magazines:

I would just like to point out that this woman has fully functioning reproductive organs.

On the subject of books, one of Mr. T's coffee table books.  Anyone familiar with bunny suicides?  Okay so it's nothing but a cartoon bunny and the creative ways of killing himself, but if you are sick & twisted as we are and looking for a chuckle, it's a gem.

(Fun fact, Phoebe the corgi has now two years in a row killed a bunny a few days before Easter.  My backyard is apparently where bunnies go to die.  Should bunnies not be passing down stories of the evil black and white she-beast by the lemon tree to future generations?)

And speaking of Golden & books, I completely forgot the existence of "little golden books".  You know, those funny little children's book with the bronze spine that easily breaks... I do believe I should start collecting.

Ah!  And today's prompt is music - this is what I clean to.  Set your pandora station to Harry Belafonte and I defyyyy you to not be put in a good mood.

If you would like to participate in and read some manly admissions on Monday, click here.

May your weekend be full of tiaras and lacking in bunny deaths.


  1. I love those little golden books...I think my parents still have a collection of well abused books from when I was a kid....LOVED those books...

    I'm really kicking myself for not joining the photo challenge....Oh well...definitely next time...I'm loving the takes on the prompts...

    You are a great friend to bring such wonderful get well gifts....

  2. Ha ha, I was going to blog about my cleaning music too. Great minds. I always clean to Michael Jackson in case you were wondering.

    1. Oh, and my Mum is also a reading specialist. You and I just get spookier and spookier.

  3. haha, those are great gifts for your friend! I hope he's doing well!
    Oh man, those little golden books are actually a great collectible item and some are worth a lot of money!! I used to have a ton when I was little, but I have no clue what happened to them. My mom goes to auctions and antique shows. She's been buying certain golden books and looking for the good ones.
    Why can Snooki reproduce and we can't???!!

  4. The world would have been a tragic place if Snooki was infertile. Also, LIving Social just had a deal for a year's worth of US Weekly subscriptions for $34. I totally bought it. Smut to my front door. Yes.

  5. My immediate thought after reading golden on the photo challenge was the books. (probably because book was the next prompt, very clever) So I took a pic of a golden book. Because, you know, I'm clever! ;)

  6. Snooki getting pregnant made me seriously doubt that there was a God. It triggered my downward spiral ;) seriously... Wtf!

  7. LOL, my weekend was full of house cleaning (me) and yard work and fishing (hubby). It was a good house cleaning though, because I was finally FINALLY able to make a dent in our "storage closet" (aka, third bedroom), which will hopefully one day be our baby's room. :) I wanted to go fishing with my hubby but I wanted to whip our storage closet into shape more.