Friday, September 7, 2012

Propositions.... And please comment!

Ladies!  I have propositions for you hookers.

Proposition 1:
I think we should have a manly Monday.  Wherein, the title of your post could be either "manly Monday" or "A weird little glimpse into my marriage".

This would be a chance for us to get a clearer view into your husband, and a glimpse into your weird little marriage.

In regards to husbands:
"His sperm count is ..."  UNACCEPTABLE.
"He works here..." "He is obsessed with this movie..." "He wears boxers when he sleeps" etc. etc.

In regards to marriage:
"We eat dinner every night around 6 at the kitchen table".  UNACCEPTABLE.
"He farts in his sleep" "He likes it when I slap his ass in the bedroom" ACCEPTABLE.

Who's in?  On Monday at the end of my post I'll put up links to other participants.

Proposition 2:
Changing "Secret Sunday" to a monthly occurence (last Sunday of the month) and choosing a theme for those secrets.

For example, this month's theme will be "SEX".  So this will give you, regular readers, first time readers, lurkers, pleeeenty of chance to come up with one.

Future theme possibilities:
Gross things I've done
Secrets of other people (that I can now share anonymously)
Fertility related secrets
My husband's secrets
A bad thing you did back in HS or JHS.

And I would totally love to hear your other ideas!  They don't have to just be funny or sexy categories - we could get serious with it, if we want.  Thoughts?  Opinions?  Concerns?


  1. I am so totally going to do Manly Monday! I'm already composing in my head an acceptable post.

    I agree with moving Secret Sunday to once a month. A theme would also be helpful. May I suggest a theme surrounding stupid things we did in college? Or perhaps embarassing moments at work? I know that my creativity simply blows your mind so I will stop there.

    Bring on the weird marriage glimpses!

  2. Count me in for both, I find Kitt utterly fascinating so why wouldn't everyone else and I am sure I can dig another sex confession out from some corner or other.

  3. I like the theme secrets too..reading your themes made me think of one already!

  4. I'm voting for Prop 1 and I'll try to come up with some more for Prop 2 although I don't have very many secrets. I am sure I can dig one up once a month!

  5. Great ideas!! Heck yeah!
    I'm terrible at coming up with themes for secrets. I'm curious to see what people say. Maybe stupid things you did while drunk, work-related secrets, definitely sexy secrets. Maybe for the serious side - political views, moral values, or things you believe in that might be different from others? People might not post openly about that kind of stuff.

  6. Count me in for both.

  7. Yeap I'm down for both.

  8. Proposition 1: Check...I'm in

    Proposition 2: Check...I'm in...

    And now for something really exciting...oh wait...I'll have to wait until Monday....

  9. I love your propositions, especially #2. I don't think I would participate in #1 because my hubby is very private and my blog is shared with some of our family and friends. He would be mortified for me to share anything that was overly personal about him. Although, I would get a kick out of it. ;)

  10. Sounds good to me! Maybe I can actually get brave enough to share a secret.

  11. Love the ideas. I'll have to think about joining manly Monday...just like sams my hubby is more on the private end and I'm not sure if he'd like posts highlighting him. I'll see if I can talk him into it! ;)

  12. I'm in for both! I was going to do the "glimpse into my marriage" anyway today, but I'm glad I have an excuse to wait (he has been annoying today).

  13. I might actually send a secret if I had a theme to narrow it down. Me likey. And um...I don't have a blog so I can't comment on Prop 1. But I would certainly enjoy reading that ;)

  14. Manly Monday ... love. I'm sure there's more to my husband than his sperm count; I'll wrack my brains for the first entry in this series.

    I like the themed secrets idea - perhaps having a prompt will inspire me to think of one after just giggling at all of yours for the last month or so!

  15. Hey there. I just hopped over from EmHart's blog...I would like to participate in both :)Consider me de-lurked!

  16. Well, all over the blogs I read, I'm seeing "Manly Monday" and I decided it wise if I finally popped over to see what all this fuss was about it. And I love both props! Not sure I actually have the time to do a post about my man today...will this be a one-time or weekly thing? But I'm definitely in for Prop #2. How fun!

    1. Well helllooooooo!

      I'm thinking we should throw it in every once in awhile. While I love that we have so much info on the innerworkings of each other's partners balls, I'm thinking a dash here and there of 'other' would be lovely (but I still want the ball info, too).

  17. Well I'm behind already. But I'm in for both! I need to start creating new secrets....

    I love to talk about my man and my marriage.

  18. Count me in for both!