Thursday, June 28, 2012


Hey there, mighty interwebs.

What better way to start a blog than to introduce yourself?  A little about me.

My name is Jenny, I'm 30 (eep) years old, I live in Los Angeles, CA.  Let's be friends.

I've been trying to get knocked up since I was in junior high school.


I've been trying to make my first human since the very end of 2009.

I am starting this blog to document that experience because I'm too cheap for therapy. And because often times, when I'm researching whatever next horrendous step is coming in my attempts to get pregnant, I've found the blogs I creepily lurk on to be helpful.  Because in real life I am surrounded equally by people who get pregnant by suggestively rubbing their significant other's thigh, and people who regard children much in the same way one would a giant dump being left in the middle of your bed (did I mention I live in Los Angeles?).  Because I'd like someplace to be completely honest, gross, a little mean, a little sad - all that shit we infertiles spend so much energy suppressing in real life.

 I'm a writer - but I've been avoiding starting a fertility blog, I guess because it's a little hard to stand up and say "I'm a member of this horrible club that friggin sucks and NOBODY wants to be in".  But now's the time to man up and show a little bravery, right?

I'm going to make this about my experience - I realize that that should go without saying, but when you're an honest person you can be an offensive person on occasion, and I'm going to try to be as honest as humanly possible in this blog.  I'm sort of the person who will make a terrible joke at a funeral because it's my way of coping, so it's best for someone like me to say that in the beginning - hey, this is just my experience, ya'll.  And I'll try to sprinkle in some posts that are just about meds, stuff I've tried, what happened to my body - because before I tried anything new I went blind looking at women's personal experiences online when they started whatever  brave form of masochism I was headed towards.

I'll save my infertility breakdown for a separate post - why have all the fun right now?

Presumably you have come across this blog because you are also trying to conceive, you are thinking about trying to conceive, or you are just bored and stumbled across me.  Stay!  Let's be war buddies.


  1. Hey, just saw your blog on the TWW and wanted to stop by to say heeeey! We are in this horrible club together! Look forward to reading along :)

  2. Heyyy girl, heyyy! ;)

    Thanks for stopping by!

    It's an awful mind-numbing club that makes me a wee bit homicidal, but full of some badass women, I must say!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Welcome to the gorgeous IF blogging community... here for you every step if the way xoxo

  4. For completely selfish reasons I am so excited that you've started a blog! I've missed your posts on TWW. You always made me laugh and I really appreciate your honesty - even the bad-jokes-at-a-funeral kind of honesty. In a sick/twisted way, I sort of love that kind of honesty - if you knew my husband you'd know it's a quality I look for in a person. I really look forward to following you and cheering you on! I hope having this blog makes it suck a little less!

  5. Meggola! You are one of my FAVORITES. In another life we would run away together. Maybe in this one. You never know.

  6. I want to add myself to your friends list! But you don't have a link for me to manually do it for myself! Glad you started a blog!!!! Looking forwards to reading some interesting posts!

  7. Hi Shannon! Yay for friends! Okay I think I added it... Blogspot has changed so much from the last time I was on here... I feel a bit like an old lady with her first computer...

  8. Hey, stopped in from LFCA to say hello. Your intro is great and I look forward to reading along.