Thursday, July 21, 2016

A New Blog for Stork

Greetings, old friends!

Is there anyone still out there?

This will be my last entry here, as I have started a new blog.

Heisenberg will be two years old on the 26th, if you can believe it. As I have mainly been chasing her, I have written little to nothing since she was born.

Now that she is more mobile and I have more help, I am chomping at the bit to be writing again. Although this space was WILDLY, crazily important to me and more importantly INVALUABLE - I have a couple of reasons for writing this last entry, and starting anew someplace else:

1.) I feel like the people this blog will help the most are people still in the TTC trenches - and those people are also possibly the ones that would be HURT the most by reading about someone with a baby. So I'd like to leave it here where they are *mostly* safe from baby talk, and if/when they are up for it, they can find me!!

2.) Seeing as I haven't written in 9 million years, I need a fresh start with no reminder that there was ever a lag!

The new blog is NOT a "Mommy Blog" - I'm just going to be writing about whatever the hell I feel like - but that will sometimes include Heisenbaby. (But mostly ranting).

I love you ALL and thank you so much for finding silliness in the awful with me when I so desperately, desperately needed it.

So IF and when you're ready - please, please come find me and I'll be waiting! (I should also mention that while this one is anonymous, the new one is not. If someone from IRL asks me for the stork link I'll give it to them, but I'd like to try to avoid them getting it without my knowing first, if that makes sense. So I'm just Jenny, over there.)

New blog is called "Dear Moof" and you can find it here.

So very much love to all.


  1. I cannot believe this chance! I was just thinking of the ole blogger that I rarely visit, and low and behold you did too! Well lots has happened in the past year... Besides my 2yr old daughter- I have a son too! He's 7mons old!! So glad I saw your post! I've been meaning to rewrite my blog to something more relevant- mom-ing! Glad you are still good!

  2. So glad I kept your blog in my feed reader and that you posted today! I can hardly believe that Heisenberg is almost 2! Time sure flies. :-)

  3. I was so happy to see this pop up! It's not possible that Heisenbaby will be 2. Except that I have a 2-year-old as well so there might be something to that. I will absolutely be following your new blog!

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